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Ekene Paul
Am excited at YOU dear reader. Let’s learn, laugh and get enlightened as we take on new journeys through this reading path.

I came across a relic about the chicken. It described how the chicken became accustomed to constantly scratching the ground for food and it sounded so authentic.

The story had it that the chicken hid a certain amount of money that it somehow stole, only for it to come back and couldn’t find it. And so, because it couldn’t find it, it faced severe consequences like banishment from the animal kingdom. Since then, the chicken has become accustomed to scratching the ground for money and food.
What a story!


While growing up, I came across a story that depicted (seemingly) how the world’s different races were birthed.
God Almighty had a big pond into which He flung his creation.

The first creatures to be thrown were fully submerged in the pond and came out washed, cleansed and lily-white. The second batch did not turn out very white but came out a bit yellowish.

The third batch got in when the water in the pond was quite depleted and muddied, so they came out brownish-red. By the time the last set had their turn, they could only touch the water…

The Japanese were aware of these three (3) powers, namely:

The Sword
The Jewel
The Mirror

Whether physical, emotional or spiritual, the ancient Japanese agree that there is a need to possess strength in one of these. This has been a large part of their culture from ancient times.

If you have watched the movie Ninja Assasin, you would recall that the sect of Ninjas trained was sponsored by the government to do their dirty laundry. Most of these trainees were from poor backgrounds and were just put to good use by enrolling them, to-be Ninjas.

The idea of being…

Starting out in life from a disadvantaged position can be very difficult.
Being poor and lacking real opportunities to succeed in life is more worse. The trauma that comes with seeing your mates move ahead of you and, sometimes seeing your juniors excel with little effort is really depressing.

And so just like every other child from a poor background…

There goes an uproar when the government, of any sovereignty, initiates control of the internet of things used by its citizens. From websites restriction to placing bans, even though it starts out being for a good cause, it would always get hijacked along the way with loads of undertone to those kinds of actions.

And so the ISP is the first point of contact because if you get the source you limit the resources.

Before we go down certain roads, let us get enlightened on some simple terms and terminologies for easy grasping of this…

I just realized that ants are practically everywhere you can find life.
Ants make up around a quarter of the earth’s animal numbers, with more than a million of them to every human.
We, humans, brag that we rule the world, but the ants show us just how to.

As numerous as their numbers, a simple foot on the ant colony can cause destruction. One can hardly get the weight of a hundred of them, yet they are referred to as a people not small.

The ant can outlast a human, outnumber humans, but…

Most people do not give attention to young people. If the truth is said, the younger ones are the envy of the older ones. The conversation surrounding young ones in the midst of the elderly are belittling.

You hear talks like, “You are still young, it’s your time to shine, you do not know the challenges of life.”
This is because life has battered these older ones and, like is their custom, are trying to sell failure to the young ones. They sound like they are the first set of adults that have ever existed since the beginning of the world.

From the big bang till date, there has never been a time, moment or circumstance that warranted an extra hour to 24 hours, except for Joshua in the bible I read, and as you would agree with me, it was for a reason.

It happened where he (Joshua) told the sun to be still. Archeologists believed it caused an eclipse in our world today. Seeing that incident once since the world began, do you think it is wise to hope for such recurrence again?
Certainly not.

The point is this, we all have the same amount of time to hone…

How do you know what your Love language is? It is not far fetched.

What binds humans together makes us form meaningful relationships and coexist to birth something new, needed in the future, is LOVE. And Love is a beautiful thing.
Imagine a world without Love; you obviously would not have been born. A sorry case if you were not born into this world, do you think we would miss you? Certainly not. Like you would not even exist in the first place.

Unfortunately, good things intended for exemplary purposes are constantly hijacked. …

If you experience exhaustion at the slightest use of your energy every time, it might influence most areas of your life, should it be left to chance.

There is a law that states the things are at their best initially but gradually decline as time goes on (I think Entropy). How this relates is when we first started out living our lives, we started enthusiastically, full of zest, only to be caught up with silly routines that trapped us and made us feel less of ourselves. …

Ekene Paul

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