Sound of Audacity

“There is this euphoria that comes with the new year”

Most people set new year goals new year resolutions, while others gather up a chunk of memes (funny images) to post. Personally, the new year is like a ray of light that beams with a glimmer of hope. You can hardly see any individual laid back during this season. That’s just the way it is.

You and I know that resolutions get broken really fast. What stands the test of time is basically habits.

The Next intelligent question:
How do I form Habits?

Do/Practise/Engage/Commit for 21 days, then it becomes a part of you.
Just like the process of becoming a medical doctor, an individual puts himself/herself under medical teachings for a certain length of time, and BOOM ~ becomes a Medical Doctor.
No magic involved.

Between really living and merely existing takes a lot of courage in our present world. Let us not sugarcoat this; peer pressure is no longer an issue for just teenagers. It cuts across all age brackets.

From Young adults to parents to singles, everyone wants to be seen as successful and by successful, I mean how much money one can throw around. Not only that, the extent to which we hold someone of high regard has shifted from what we knew it to be to how flawed and double-minded one can be.

Double-minded in the sense of;
Such and such a person is seen as successful (having money to throw around), he must be hardworking, he must be very disciplined.
But you get to find out he is just one of those individuals whose wealth can not be explained.

There is this ancient writing I came across recently. It calls for us to observe an individual that lives prudently and another that lives lavishly.

Funny enough, the lavish (for want of a better word) individual has an appearance of success only to regret it at the end of his life. The beginning of his life was good, the middle of his life was good, but his end was a disaster.

At the same time, the prudent man steadily makes progress, and his progress is sustained with peace in the beginning, peace in the middle and peace in the end.

If the lavish man knew his end, I bet he would have followed a better path.

To What End?

My Struggle
This year is quite different.
Rather than penning down an article in the similitude of what Forbes magazine would consider or penning down an article to get a top rating, I’d rather have your attention centred on Audacity.
It takes a lot to be Audacious, you know.

The dictionary meaning of Audacity is to be bold, disregard normal constraints, and be adventurous.
Being audacious comes with a tuff, and you may be very expressive of the above, but that’s not what I am talking about here.

It is good to be Audacious. It is incredible to be Courageous. It is super exciting to be Daring, Challenging, and all of that. But how can you be all of that without first weeding out fear, weeding out peer pressure, weeding out insecurity?

If you have come across an individual who rose to prominence, you will agree that although they are also human, quote and unquote; there is really nothing special about them.

Except that they found a way to block out negativity and did what they had to do to be where they are in life. To me and many who think alike, that is the basic to being Audacious.

BringinG iT hOMe
Dear heart,

Most relationships these days are all about interests. You see, the reason why your clique of friends would want you to be a certain way, behave a certain way, talk a certain way, dress a certain way is for one thing:
To take away first your Identity ~ Confidence ~ Strip you off from being Audacious.

We get slyed (abandoned, disappointed or left alone), people yell at us, and we get sad, our bank balance low, then what happens next???
We feel laid back, depressed and it ultimately drains us of the remaining Audacity we have left.
Every setback we encounter comes at us to rub us of the Audacity left.

You were trying to talk to someone, then the person ignored you. Out of all the fans and followers you have to yourself, you start thinking about just this person that ignored you throughout your day.

Same thing when we get ghosted. Let’s not even delve into Love.
But you get what I mean ~ I Hope.
If you would just be like me, honestly, you won’t have problems.

As a child, if you don’t want to play with me, I DON’T WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU EITHER.

Ask your older self. This thing is a no brainer.
Your older self is that person you become when you meditate on how your day went. That person you are in your alone time that gives you a bit of fresh and undiluted advice.

You do not need to be rude. There is a line between standing up for yourself and being rude. Try not to cross that line.
While there may be many other things that you can add to what you just read, “you will save both yourself and those who hear you” when you embody this.

Tim Tebow was born the youngest of five children to a modest Christian missionary couple. His mother was discovered to be pregnant with him while in a coma, and he was miraculously delivered despite the medical warning of him being a stillbirth. Tim grew up under the disadvantage of being homeschooled, meaning he did not enjoy the conventional educational system. However, he rose from this humble background to become a prolific American football player who did not stop professing his faith.

In a world of glitz and glam, Tim took the bold stand of public display of his faith by wearing his favourite scripture, John 3:16, on his face paint for the 2009 championship game. In the 2010 playoffs series between Broncos & Steelers, Tim threw and ran a career record of 316 yards and made a 31.6 yards/completion (an NFL off-season record) in that game. This intense game garnered a 31.6% national viewership for the network airing the game. The following day, “John 3:16″ was the number one searched item on the Google search engine, followed by “Tebow” and “Tim Tebow”.

I heard of the three Hebrew boys; when we make bold stands and audacious moves for God by shutting out the world’s arguments, God shows up for us in ways the world can not seem to phantom.

Like Tim would agree ~ If you do what you have never done before, you will see what you have never seen before.

Writing on Medium is my own little way of contributing to humanity, keeping my intelligence alive. The reader will learn and enjoy the write-up as we take on new journeys.
I will have to walk my own talk.

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Let’s learn, laugh and get enlightened as we take on new journeys on this reading path.

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Ekene Paul

Ekene Paul

Let’s learn, laugh and get enlightened as we take on new journeys on this reading path.

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