The Modern Struggle

The greatest privilege is that you are Alive. A large percentage of humanity is dying every day. That you are alive means you can easily become relevant; or do you rather become a problem, that once solved by another human, would make that other human-relevant? Certainly not.
Life is a stage.

The end is related to the beginning;
and the beginning has the end in mind.

Some might think differently. Someone might say Mr. A was born with a silver spoon and Mr. B was born in a shantytown, and so Mr. A is privileged because I am comparing him to Mr. B, and I will say Not So.

Then we would argue because it is only logical, seeing that Mr. A would have more going for him from birth, over Mr. B, and that is right, but we miss the expectations from Mr. A, which is more demanding, riskier and a failure on the part of Mr. A could mean a disaster. Yet we expect less from Mr. B.

Mr. A passes through lots of training and processes to fine-tune his character and Mr. B is given a choice to become relevant or stick to the status quo, irrelevance.

To whom much is given;
Much is expected.

The 21st-century individuals are still the wealthiest species of humans that have ever lived on the face of the earth. I mean if you were to choose between the pre-historic era i.e. (456 BC/1900 AD), they had much going for them and less going against them in terms of wealth, style of living, and economic privileges. Might be right. Having numerous children was something to be proud of because strength was in the numbers.

They didn’t have the luxury of inflation, long Visa queues, depression, social media, high school grades, best designer wears, the list is endless. Supposing you wanted to choose, you wouldn’t see it as challenging in choosing which age you’d rather live in, I mean the answer is obvious.

The modern struggle is a struggle from freedom.
It is like an entire large system of people working surreptitiously to get you addicted to drugs, drinking, porn, stardom, riches (that fly away) and you being alone, trying to get out of the loop, stay relevant, and not get influenced by it. The modern struggle is like a millennial with an enormous amount of freedom trying to find purpose and meaning for living in this efficient place aka World, that technology has created and surnamed it the 21st century.

With so much freedom and a myriad of unspoken rules by society, on how best you should spend your free time, it is easy to commit the crime, gets incarcerated, go to rehab and watch your years cut shut into half because of no purpose, no directional kind of living and bad eating habits.

We are left to try things, to decide for ourselves, but history tells us otherwise. History tells us the path we are about to walk on, is not new. By that we need all the counsel we can get so we do not walk circumspectly without direction.

The ancient struggle used to be Tribalistic.

You had a family religion, a family name you had to protect. Your loyalty and your identity were already defined which made your life meaningful before it even started. Age was just a number.

So you grew up to adulthood and started to defend your religion, defend your identity, defend what whose name you wore stood for, defend what it was known for. That defense took place in constant battles, wrestling matches, and other undocumented practices.

Your life had meaning and with meaning came longevity of years. It was only natural to live 100+ years and die then your funeral would read “A Great Man… blah blah blah”. Sicknesses and diseases were played down the moment you contracted them, nature was always ready to heal you instantly through their herbs, mixtures, and concoctions.

Show of strength was the criteria for marriage. The father basically had to choose a wife for you when he felt you were ready by the level of responsibility and maturity you showed in his house. That also meant that divorce was unheard of. This is because you literally married into a family and not just the individual. The female was given in marriage to the other family then they started to get to know themselves after marriage.

No courting. No dating. No fancy proposal. No pre-wedding shots. Just straight into marriage and you both lived happily ever after.

You have to stand for something.
You have to be a part of something Big.
You have to be intentional.
You have to be deliberate.
You have to live sacrificailly.
You have to be committed.

We can get back to being our greatest when we become entrepreneurial again, by being more productive and less consuming. When we become creative again we borrow the wings of imagination and delve into reminiscence then we can send our younger generations farther to where we have never been before. We need to take up the mindset that says “It is not about me because life in its entirety is bigger than me and my wants.”

We come from an ancestry of blessed people. They made the best use of the little they had available. That little gave birth to all the wealth we see in our world today. It is said that every new business dies within its first 5 years of the inauguration. This is so because of the modern struggle to amass riches. The longest surviving companies in the world remain those whose mission is to focus on the needs of the people and less on their own inclinations to thinking vaguely about what the people want.

Everybody repels problems, but embrace answers.

Clara Barton came to the spotlight in 1881, the lunch of Red Cross.
She was obsessed with lending a hand to injured soldiers. Her passion consumed her so much so that it got to a point of risking her life bringing supplies to soldiers during the Civil War.
After the World war, it suddenly dawned on Clara that her calling was to help people in need. She launched the American Red Cross that year. Since it was founded, the humanitarian organization has been a lifeline for people, providing disaster relief, support for military families, health and safety training, lifesaving blood donations, and development programs.
Clara considered that as the only meaningful thing throughout her life span on earth.

Writing on Medium is my own little way of contributing to humanity while keeping my intelligence alive. By reading, the reader will learn and enjoy the writeup also. I will have to walk my own talk.
Thank you.

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Let’s learn, laugh and get enlightened as we take on new journeys on this reading path.

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Ekene Paul

Ekene Paul

Let’s learn, laugh and get enlightened as we take on new journeys on this reading path.

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